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If you are a hiring company and need assistance in sourcing and screening qualified candidates, SawyerSearch can help.  We offer two options for bringing new employees onboard.


As an independent recruitment firm, SawyerSearch is able to offer a competitive pricing model to its clients.

Please call to discuss your hiring needs and SawyerSearch will work with you on a suitable fee structure.

Placement fees for positions whose salaries are less than $70,000 per year are billed on the first day of hire.

Placement fees for positions whose salaries are $70,000+ per year can be billed in three month intervals upon request, helping your company conserve its cashflow.


Contractors are increasingly becoming an integral part of every company's staffing strategy, providing flexibility for your special projects or unique employment situations.  Contractors can supplement your full time workforce while maintaining headcount. 

An hourly bill rate is established based on your unique requirements and duration of the project.  Your company is freed from human resouces issues, Federal and State taxation, Workers Compensation, payroll and Unemployment liabilities.  Contractors can be:

  • Experts or consultants in your industry
  • Returning employees or retirees
  • Contract-to-Hire -- evaluate a candidate's work before hiring
  • 1099 Conversions
  • Payrolling -- you have identified the candidate of choice but are not ready to place on your payroll
  • Interns -- you choose the student and SawyerSearch will payroll

Call SawyerSearch (615-591-6511) or Send e-mail to discuss your hiring plans.


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